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Let The Chef Shine

“Emerald Plate Experience is a company that focuses on customizable meal plans, broad-scale catering (wedding catering, event catering, corporate catering & social catering), and exclusive personal chef services.”

Spiced Apple Glazed Salmon

Spiced & Seared Salmon Coated n Sweet Apple Glaze & Kale-Quinoa Medley with Pecans & Scallions.

Unique Experience

At Emerald Plate, we take pride in your meals. Your personalized chef will know exactly how you like your food prepared.

Freshness Guaranteed

We only use the freshest ingredients in our meals. From garden greens to fresh salmon, you will be able to taste the difference in our meals.

What People are Saying

“Simply amazing!!!! And that’s just off of 2 days of meals eating so far and I got 5 more to go. I salute you my brother”

Jeremy Williams

“A delicious experience with a personal touch. Worth every bite!”

Yesha Simone

“Everything he makes turns to Gold. HIRE HIM look at his sandwiches alone, he makes them look so tasty”

Christine Goldsmith

“Great Food. I love the salmon. ery professional company. Highly recommended.”

Joseph Wallace

Hours of Operation


(864) 631 - 4367

Tuesday - Sunday

9:00am – 9:00pm