In Understanding of the Vision

Emerald Plate Experience LLC is a broad scale catering company that includes private/personal chef services, broad scale catering services and culinary demonstrations wand/or cooking classes.  These services have been labeled as follows:
The Emerald Experience – Stand-in private/personal chef for exclusive/private events. (Intimate Settings, Anniversaries, Private Parties, Engagement Parties, Wedding Proposals….)
The Catered Plate – Broad scale catering services. (Weddings, Birthdays, Barbecues, Business Meetings, Public Events…)
Brain Food 101 – Culinary demonstrations and cooking classes for a wide variety of demographics. (High-end culinary demonstrations, health inspired demonstrations…)
In consideration of these services, we generate leads to create jobs for our Emerald Chefs. Skill, professionalism and providing a great experience are our dynamic factors for success, therefore, it is E.P.101’s mission to create a foundation for all chefs to pay themselves based off their own merit and expertise. This vision gives us the opportunity to change the culinary world by simply reminding our clients of the most important part of every event…the food may last a night, but the experience lasts forever.

In Consideration of the Client

Understanding the growing needs for a great meal at a time where we are overwhelmed with “fast food”, cheap ingredients and poor customer service, Emerald Plate Experience LLC prides itself on providing the long lost culianry experience of amazing dishes with outstanding service.

We’ve traveled the states catering beautiful weddings, private dinners and culinary demonstrations in the most eloquent venues, beautiful mountain/lake town Air B&B’s and prestigious cooking facilities on the east coast. But, as we continue to grow our brand and reputation for excellence, we’ve never forgotten to put our clients first.

Their trust in our alilities have propelled us into one of the greatest companies to help mold and affect this ever changing culinary industry. As we evolve as a business and a family, we are continiously humbled by the trust and faith put in us, reflected by our many 5 star reviews, repeat clients and amazing referrals. 

Our executive chef Tyler Kelley has coined it best, “The food is the easy part, it’s all about providing the best experience.” We stand by his words, his vision and his example. 

In Compliments to the Chef

Our “Emerald Chefs” are some of the most tenacious people on earth. They’ve learned to master the elements in order to create what we call “Magie de la Plaque”, or magic on a plate.
As humble servants to the 5 senses, they understand that, if blessed with such a gift, then it is a universal and God-given responsibility to nourish and replenish those around them. Because of this, a new way of thinking has been cultivated to allow our culinary artists a chance to fully flourish, as nature intends.
At Emerald Plate Experience, you don’t just buy delicious food and an unforgettable experience, you buy into a new lifestyle.
You buy an Emerald Chef.
This means that your very own family members and best friends now have an opportunity to provide expert advice, innovative recipes and ever lasting experiences, now just a call or text away. In short, our Emerald Chefs focus on the relationship first…the rest undoubtedly falls into place.