In Understanding of the Vision

Emerald Plate Experience LLC is a broad scale catering company which includes fine dining inspired meal plans, upscale catering & private chef services. These services have been labeled as follows:
The Emerald Experience – Stand-in private chef for exclusive/private events. (Intimate Settings, Anniversaries, Private Parties, Engagement Parties, Wedding Proposals….)
The Catered Plate – Broad scale catering services. (Weddings, Birthdays, Barbecues, Business Meetings, Public Events…)
Meal Plan 101 – High-end, customized Meal Plans for a wide variety of demographics. (Athletes, Weight Loss, Dietary Restrictions…..)
In consideration of these services, we generate leads to create jobs for our Emerald Chefs. Skill, professionalism and overall social ability now become the dynamic factors for success, versus the generic and lifeless drudgery of working the average job. Therefore, it is E.P.101’s mission to create a foundation for all chefs to pay themselves based off their own merit, a vision with the power to change the culinary world by simply reminding us of the most important part of food…the smile from one who eats what we cook.

In Consideration of the Client

An entire generation of “Fast Food” didn’t cut it. Seldom are we truly confident of what we are eating, let alone who’s cooking it. It’s time to make a change. People are looking for an alternative option without being ridiculed for their unique preferences.

“Gluten-free” isn’t funny.

“Veganism” shouldn’t be shunned.

Vegetarian, Paleo, Alkaline or Holistic….the list goes on. “We understand everyone is different, and because of this our founding philosophy will always be, “The only way to truly make ‘Good Food’ is to first make good of the people you serve. Therefore, we strive to make friends first, trusting that if we help enough people reach their goals, we will inevitably reach our own.”

In Compliments to the Chef

Our “Emerald Chefs” are some of the most tenacious people on earth. They’ve learned to master the elements in order to create what we call “Magie de la Plaque”, or magic on a plate. As humble servants to the 5 senses, they understand that, if blessed with such a gift, then it is a universal and God-given responsibility to nourish and replenish those around them. Because of this, a new way of thinking has been cultivated to allow the culinary artists of this world a chance to fully flourish as nature intends.
At Emerald Plate Experience, you don’t just buy deliciously prepared food, you buy into a new lifestyle. You buy an Emerald Chef. This means that friendly advice, innovative recipes, and palate preference alterations are now just a call or text away. In short, our Emerald Chefs focus on the relationship first, because the food is the easy part.