Brain Food 101

High-End Culinary Courses & Demonstrations


The main focus of “Brain Food 101” is to create a unique culinary experience to engage and educate our community.


Therefore, we did our research and collaborated with our business partners & local school districts to make these demonstrations. We aspire to create a fun and formal atmosphere full of laughs, memories and the undeniable tips and tricks that make any dish stand out.


We hope our participants ask questions, make new friends and taste-test every recipe at these demonstrations. That’s what our success will look like.


To book your next culinary course/deminstration, complete the “Brain Food 101 Questionaire” and our Emerald Admin Team will respond promptly!

Brain Food 101 Courses

Emerald Touch

High-End Culinary Demonstrations

These gourmet recipes will add flair and elegance to your repertoire and presentation. Learn to identify, store and prepare high-quality ingredients and master plate presentations. Become the life of the party with expert level techniques and flavor profiles that will awe and amaze.

Emerald Leaf

Health Inspired Demonstrations

 Inspired by the teachings of Dr. Sebi & Michael Greggor M.D., we studied and practiced the philosophies of a healthy, plant-based lifestyle. Utilizing the freshest ingredients from local farms, we teach you to identify & prepare fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, berries and more.

Emerald Youth

Youth Friendly Demonstrations

We partnered with local school districts to educate our youth about the culinary arts and what it means to be a chef. Our most admired demonstration “Nature’s Candy” introduces a variety of different fruits that are uncommon to most kids (and adults). 

Brain Food 101 Questionaire

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